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Intrusive Evaluation

Much of what comprises a building is hidden from sight and evaluating problems occasionally requires that we go beneath the skin. It’s often necessary to dismantle walls to observe internal components or extract samples of concrete, roofing, pavement or other materials for laboratory analysis. These are all services we routinely provide.

Water penetration evaluation is one of our specialties. Water is an amazing and devious substance and tracing its path into a building often involves spray testing and/or intrusive study. To be meaningful, spray testing must be performed in accordance with accepted protocols and it must be planned and evaluated using informed knowledge of building construction. Remember, the damage caused by water leakage that you can see may not be the damage with which you should be most concerned. Serious deterioration of concealed building components (i.e., masonry ties, shelf angles, framing, concrete, etc.) can proceed with little or no outward sign.

Tall building with scaffolding hanging on the side