staff_stleger_color Dylan St. Leger, PE


Dylan St. Leger, P.E.
Registered Engineer

Mr. St. Leger began his engineering career in 2015 as an intern with Engineering and Technical Consultants, Inc. (ETC). After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland in 2016, Dylan joined the full-time team as a Staff Engineer then quickly advanced to Registered Engineer/Project Manager. At ETC, Mr. St. Leger has gained years of practical experience and knowledge in the evaluation and correction of deficiencies in existing structures and structural components, including wood-framed buildings, crawlspaces, parking garages, balconies, retaining walls, steel, masonry, and concrete. He has found a niche in designing repairs for emergency response projects, including fire damaged structures and vehicle impacts. His responsibilities as a Registered Engineer include performing investigations, generating technical specifications, drawings, and needed details for design packages, soliciting proposals from contractors, and overseeing field inspections to verify ongoing construction work.


Dylan St. Leger, PE

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