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Welcome to our engineering consulting firm serving Richmond, Virginia. At Engineering and Technical Consultants, Inc., we provide a wide range of engineering consulting services to help building owners and managers meet their goals and tackle complex challenges.

Engineering Consulting FAQs

If you’re new to engineering consulting, you may have questions about our services and how we can help you. Let’s address some of the most common questions.

What Services Do Consulting Engineers Offer?

Consulting engineers are skilled professionals who offer technical and engineering expertise across various industries. At ETC, we specialize in many areas, including architectural, structural, and mechanical engineering. We provide a comprehensive range of engineering consulting services to support various project phases, from investigation and design to construction and maintenance.

Some specific engineering consulting services we offer include:

  • Planning and design: We help clients plan and design their restoration projects, ensuring they meet their goals and comply with relevant regulations and industry standards.
  • Construction management: We provide guidance and support for construction, from overseeing contractors to ensuring quality control.
  • Structural engineering: We specialize in designing safe, efficient, cost-effective structures, including pedestrian bridges, buildings and other infrastructure.
  • Mechanical Engineering: We offer mechanical engineering design services backed by years of experience in the building/construction industry in VA, MD & DC.
  • Architectural Design: Because today’s construction projects explore new materials, as well as the latest installation methods, you absolutely want to establish a professional communications bridge among building owners, designers, contractors, and tradesmen. 

By offering a range of engineering consulting services, we help clients navigate complex projects and overcome challenges. Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to provide practical solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors.

Where Can You Find a Consulting Engineer?

If you’re looking for a consulting engineer, you can start by searching for engineering consulting firms near Richmond, Virginia, online directories or on professional networking platforms. With two convenient locations — Columbia, Maryland and Sterling, Virginia — we serve clients in the DMV metro, encompassing the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

What Industries Do We Serve?

At ETC, we’ve worked with diverse industries, including:

  • Government agencies
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Construction companies
  • Developers
  • Manufacturers
  • Private clients

Our team has extensive experience developing solutions for a range of projects, from residential and commercial buildings to industrial facilities and infrastructure. We strive to provide tailored consulting services that meet each client’s unique needs.

How to Choose a Consulting Engineer

Choosing the right consulting engineer for your project is critical to its success. When selecting a consulting engineer, consider their experience in your field, problem-solving approach, availability and communication skills. Ensure the firm understands your project goals and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality results.

Whether you need engineering consulting services for upcoming projects or technical advice on existing ones, ETC is ready to help. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we’re confident we can deliver exceptional outcomes and help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your needs.

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ETC has no desire to be the biggest firm; however, we do strive to be known as the best. To that end, the needs of each assignment are analyzed and matched to the capabilities of our high caliber technical staff. Serving Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland, contact us today by filling out our online form!

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