Location: Washington DC
Year completed: 2020
Square feet: N/A
Construction Type: VB

Background: This is a modern architectural style residential building, located in the Adams Morgan area of Washington, DC, built in 2001. The three-story structure features a corrugated metal and split-faced masonry façade, metal railing balconies, over-size glass window walls and large glass Unit entry doors. Our client requested replacement of their windows and unit entry doors that provide air and water resistance, as well as energy efficiency for all their façade openings.

Design approach: Design of the window wall replacement included close coordination with our team that consisted of structural engineer, contractor and window manufacturer. We documented exact sizes and profiles of the existing windows and proposed the new window wall design which included fixed and awning type window panels, expansive sightlines, and close coordination of hoisting large size windows to the third floor.

Window Replacement

7165 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, Maryland  21046
phone: 410.312.4761
fax: 410.312.0482

Northern Virginia
46040 Center Oak Plaza
Suite 100
Sterling, Virginia 20166
phone: 703.450.6220
fax: 703.444.2285