Litigation Support Near VA, MD, and DC

Companies and businesses sometimes encounter disputes, breach of contract issues and other serious legal processes. While it’s always beneficial to both parties to resolve these issues outside the courtroom, there are certain instances where it’s simply impossible.

Hiring a litigation expert to review the evidence, conduct analysis, and prepare detailed findings to help in the courtroom is essential in such situations.

The litigation support personnel at ETC understand the challenges and complexities of the litigation processes. As such, our litigation support staff works with clients to alleviate legal professionals’ and organizations’ burdens, allowing them to build a compelling case.

ETC offers litigation support services to help businesses and companies involved in litigation. Our litigation services accurately represent critical facts required for the client’s case. We help individuals, businesses, and attorneys make a compelling case by providing professional valuation opinions and calculations, material and workmanship investigations, and expert witness testimony.

The ETC team also assists clients with reviewing all construction documents, material lab testing, and more. We’re located near the vibrant legal hubs of the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area and have established a strategic presence that allows us to provide prompt and efficient litigation support services across these jurisdictions.

Our clients can trust us to meet their litigation needs with precision and professionalism through this challenging and complex period.

What Is Litigation Support?

Litigation support is the process where a firm like ETC provides consultation and support services to individuals, businesses and attorneys regarding their current or pending cases. The services that litigation support firms offer depend on the client’s needs. They may range from research and documentation to trial testimony and assisting in determining damages.

Qualified consultants offering litigation support services may work independently or as a part of a firm. With the right team in place, handling a court case becomes much easier for the attorneys.

Forensic Investigation

As the leading forensic investigation and litigation support service provider in VA, MD, and Washington DC, we help our clients identify, resolve, and avoid or mitigate complex commercial risks. Our forensic engineers work with clients in construction and property management situations to provide timely, cost-effective results in disputes.

With a meticulous eye for detail, the ETC forensic engineers cut through complex construction specifications, project documents and building code requirements, providing jargon-free, detailed reports that set out clear and concise findings for clients. Our data can help the parties involved and the court reach a positive resolution.

Document Review

The document review stage is critical in helping the litigant provide discoverable information to their opponent. The document review aims to identify what viable information falls within the acceptable scope of discovery.

Litigation support firms can also use the document review for broader purposes, such as helping attorneys determine the need for subpoenas and third-party requests, regulatory investigations, due diligence assessments for mergers, and internal investigations.

ETC can help design an effective litigation support approach for clients looking for customized solutions. Our forensic engineers have extensive experience, allowing them to ramp up quickly and enable clients to drive the most effective case strategies.


Getting the right information attorneys need to build a solid argument and legal strategy is extremely time-consuming. It’s even more taxing for attorneys dealing with unfamiliar jurisdictions, different record types and different agencies.

Some disputes may require specialized research. Outsourcing this research to litigation support specialists allows attorneys to save time while learning about critical issues in the case they’ll need to present before the court.


Negotiating favorable settlements requires a delicate balance of legal acumen and negotiation skills. Litigation support companies like ETC bring years of experience, assisting legal teams in crafting effective negotiation strategies for their client’s best interests. From mediation to settlement conferences, we stand by your side every step of the way.

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At ETC, we offer a range of litigation support services clients can use to help assist in their legal  proceedings no matter where they stand in the litigation process. We encourage clients looking to pursue a legal matter or learn more about litigation support services to reach out to our ETC team. Contact us today, and we will be happy to assist.


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