Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Services

ETC’s structural engineering design services offer building owners, construction companies and management firms a wide range of innovative, reliable, and experienced engineering solutions. We’re fully qualified to supply the following structural engineering services:

  • Design and analysis — including for structures made from concrete, steel and masonry
  • Historic renovation of structures
  • Forensic investigation and expert witness testimony
  • Building envelope restoration
  • Review of professional drawings and creation of construction documents

As a specific subset of civil engineering, structural engineering concerns itself with the design and analysis of civil constructions — a group of constructions comprised mostly of buildings and bridges. And while both types of structures have been successfully built for centuries, both the refinement of materials and the development of technologies employed in their construction have improved exponentially over the past two decades.

During this time, Engineering and Technical Consultants — established in 1982 — has assembled a best-in-class team of structural engineering advisors who are trusted by building owners, designers and managers alike. Furthermore, at ETC, we’re proud to belong to some of the most prestigious professional associations related to the practice of structural engineering while remaining completely independent of any relationship that could create a bias in our professional observations and findings.

Structural Engineering Overview

Structural engineering involves the overlapping study of applied mechanics and mathematics combined with a deep knowledge of material science in order to accurately calculate how a structure will be able to support itself under its self-imposed weight in addition to live loads imposed from temporary and variable outside forces and materials.

To be successful, a structural engineer relies upon solid working knowledge of design codes, structural analysis and the relevant corrosion- and environmental-resistance of materials. This third factor is especially important when it comes to understanding the external and climatological pressures structures are expected to endure.

Think, for example, of selecting the right roofing and window materials for buildings on the East Coast of the United States so that they can withstand hurricane-force winds and support the weight of heavy winter snowfalls.

While structural engineering plays in integral role when designing of a building, it’s also an essential factor when completing renovations or restoration on any existing building. Not every renovation project requires structural engineering consulting but if your project alters the structure of your building in anyway it will need to be assessed.

Reach Out to ETC for Structural Engineering Consultants Who Are Second to None

For well over three decades, ETC has built its reputation as a leading engineering and consulting service by offering comprehensive, detailed, and unbiased findings. Our only obligation is to unwaveringly supply our clients with reports, recommendations, and findings they can always trust to be in the interest of the safety and overall health of their structures and the people who use them.

At ETC, our growing client list includes such diverse entities as apartment, condominium and homeowners’ associations, and hotels, as well as public, commercial and federal agencies. We’re regularly involved in supplying structural engineering services to everything from transportation facilities like airports to municipal and private structures such as power plants and universities.

Across the construction industry, our engineering services have helped bring commercial, historical, institutional, governmental, recreational, residential, and retail projects to fruition. In addition, from shopping centers to sports facilities, our structural engineering team is highly experienced in delivering top-notch service, especially when the public’s well-being and enjoyment hinges upon soundly constructed buildings.

For the most demanding projects that require accuracy, innovation, and honesty, ETC’s structural engineering services are like having a trusted advisor who’s always looking out for your best interest. If success in building is based on superior knowledge, ETC is the expert you want in your corner.

Ready to see your project succeed? Why not request a proposal, or get more information regarding our structural engineering services? We look forward to hearing from you so contact us today!


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