EP 1: Brick Veneer Walls: How to Avoid Structural Failure

In this premiere episode of Behind the Masonry Wall, Host Joe Shuffleton speaks with Jay O’Neill about common technical issues of brick veneer walls and how structural failure can be avoided. Jay has over forty years of experience as a Mason and Estimator for a major masonry restoration contractor in the DC area. Jay offers advice to head off potential problems and recommended maintenance strategies for building owners and property managers.

In this episode:

[1:01] The structural failure possibilities of water infiltration due to inadequate installation of control joints.]

[3:38] How to fix cracks due to the lack of control joints.

[7:28] Cracks in parapet walls and the Brick Industry Association recommendations for control joints.

[8:17] The importance of the binding of brick to mortar, and wall ties.

[13:06] Antiquated header courses increase the structural failure rate.

[15:45] Common problems with corrugated wall ties.

[16:30] Ninety percent of water intrusion issues are due to flashings and lack of end dams.

[22:01] Benefits and concerns about mortar nets.