EP 2: Attract New Renters with Simple Design Strategies

As a building owner or property manager, are you looking for an edge in this competitive rental market? In this episode of Behind the Masonry Wall, Host Joe Shuffleton speaks with Shabbir Kazmi, AIA about easy upgrades that don’t cost a fortune yet increase rents, reduce maintenance, and increase a property’s value. Prospective renters notice a welcoming ambiance, the character of a kitchen, and clean, useful storage spaces.

In this episode:

[1:09] Simple upgrades that do not require a permit or approval to increase the eye appeal of a building or units.

[3:04] Tips for upgrading kitchens and storage areas to increase rental income.

[8:00] Puck lighting creates an attractive ambiance under kitchen cabinets.

[9:21] Bumper stops and hinges can refine cabinets and doors.

[11:51] Prospective renters notice enhanced fixtures in kitchens and baths.

[14:02] Corridor and common area considerations for apartment buildings.

[21:56] A hefty investment is no longer needed to offer desirable amenities.

[25:28] Recommendations for beautifying bedrooms.