EP 4: Retaining Walls: Guidelines for Installation & Replacement

A retaining wall is a necessary investment in many landscapes. There are numerous factors to be considered when choosing the design and building material, including load, water drainage, and height. In addition, communities and jurisdictions may require permits and geotechnical reports pre-installation. To answer common client questions and review general guidelines, host Joe Shuffleton speaks with registered engineer Luke Valentine. Luke offers expert advice about the installation, maintenance, and replacement of every type of retaining wall and tips for staying on budget and legal during installations.

In this episode:

[1:34] How long a retaining wall will last depends on whether it is built with timber, concrete or masonry, or segmental block.

[7:46] Recommended maintenance for retaining walls.

[10:26] Typical cost associated with installing or replacing retaining walls.

[13:00] Top three considerations when choosing a retaining wall replacement.

[18:01] Geotechnical reports and permits are common requirements before installation or replacement of a retaining wall.

[20:39] Changed Use and Fall protection guidelines for retaining walls.