EP 5: Cracks in Concrete Structures

Beyond being unsightly, cracks in concrete structures allow for contaminant intrusion causing possible shrinkage and deterioration. A severe crack left unrepaired can lead to corrosion of steel frames, causing the instability of a concrete structure. To find out more about what makes a concrete crack a serious issue or simply cosmetic, Host Joe Shuffleton speaks with Senior Registered Engineer Bobby Radcliff. Bobby has evaluated hundreds of buildings in his over 15 years of industry experience.

In this episode:

[1:09] The three types of shrinkage cracks and how to determine if a crack in concrete is structural or cosmetic.

[3:06] How chlorides and other contaminants cause corrosion in a structure’s steel frame.

[4:43] A crack in concrete is akin to an open wound in the structure.

[6:41] Understanding freeze-thaw cracks, restraint cracks, and other common causes of concrete cracks.

[12:06] Examining the possible hazards if cracks in concrete are left unrepaired.

[14:04] Evaluating cracks in concrete structures.

[17:32] Repair options, maintenance cycles, and subsequent protection for concrete cracks.