EP 6: Vetting & Hiring Contractors

Building owners, residents, and tenants may face small inconveniences or bigger structural issues while occupying a unit. Their first call may be to a contractor or someone they know to address the matter. Understanding how to properly screen a contractor, and assess proposals to ensure the proper permits, insurance, and bonds are in place is important. In this episode, Host Joe Shuffleton speaks with Cassie Parks about a wide range of unique issues tenants and owners have when there are building issues.

In this episode:

[1:34] Information on properly qualifying contractors.

[5:25] Smaller tasks help vet contractors before hiring them for larger projects.

[6:47] Payment and performance bonds are part of a contractor’s fiduciary responsibility.

[8:45] Investigating a problem for a tenant and evaluating a contractor’s proposal.

[13:44] Every county is different, are permits required?