EP 7: Cracks in Masonry Walls

Water intrusion, settlement, earthquakes, and expansion are all possible causes for cracks in masonry walls. Determining the culprit will require an evaluation by a qualified professional, but understanding how the wall is constructed can go a long way in finding the right repair solution for your building. In this episode, Host Joe Shuffleton speaks with Senior Registered Engineer Bobby Radcliff about what you may encounter when you find a crack in your masonry wall.

In this episode:

[1:35] Bobby describes some root causes for cracks in masonry walls.

[3:12] Control joints and/or wall ties are necessary for masonry walls due to the possible expansion and corrosion of brick material.

[5:20] Drainage problems and water damage to brick will cause bulges and cracks in walls.

[7:55] Causes for cracks in masonry walls can differ by geographical area.

[9:16] Possible outcomes if cracks in brick masonry walls are not properly fixed.

[14:16] Evaluating cracks in masonry walls requires a visual inspection, sampling of the wall, or other non-intrusive testing.

[17:10] A General Rule of Thumb for simple or complicated repairs in masonry wall cracks.