EP 9: Structural Integrity in Buildings

Deferred maintenance, severe weather events, and construction or renovations can compromise a building’s structural integrity. A single flaw can be costly and, more importantly, unsafe for building inhabitants and community members. To learn more about correcting defects and avoiding building collapse, Host Joe Shuffleton speaks with Nick Henn, a Senior Registered Engineer. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Nick has devoted his career to evaluating and solving the structural integrity issues of buildings. He has over 14 years of experience working with building managers and owners to increase the safety of existing structures.

In this episode:

[1:10] Nick describes what constitutes structural soundness and the conditions that may lead to structural damage.

[3:05] Initial design and maintenance are key factors in reducing occurrences of slab overload.

[7:16] Long-term neglect raises the likelihood of building collapse.

[8:18] Unsafe conditions and deferred repairs or maintenance can cause serious damage and injury.

[10:40] Tell-tale signs of a lack of structural integrity in buildings.

[15:55] Reserve inspections, generally, do not provide information about a building’s structural integrity.

[19:03] A qualified structural engineer will holistically assess a building’s past repairs and current complaints to identify potential integrity issues.