Planning Your Next Renovation

stress_2-300x292 Planning Your Next RenovationYour next building renovation doesn’t have to be a daunting task, but it will take organization. There is no industry standard for renovation because there are too many factors to consider. Following is a ‘Renovation checklist’ we’ve put together to assist your efforts.

  1. Define the physical and financial objectives of the project.
  1. Prioritize the work items and be flexible. It may be necessary to discard some cosmetic items in favor of Life-safety and structural concerns. Code-compliant and functional exit doors, fire alarm and suppression systems, railings and ramps are examples of life safety items. Displaced or severely cracked masonry, leaking roofs, spalled concrete, etc. are examples of structural problems that should be addressed immediately.

NOTE: The sooner steps are taken to correct a problem (or potential problem), the less costly and disruptive the corrective action will be to your facility.

  1. Develop a preliminary budget. Renovation projects can reveal hidden conditions that require correction and your budget should include a reasonable contingency buffer. That amount varies but 10 to 20% is typical.
  2. If available, obtain and archive original drawings of the facility. Maintain a log of all maintenance and repair work.
  3. Always hire licensed professionals for design and construction oversight of your project. This will help ensure that bids are responsive and comparable and obtained from qualified contractors. Professional services should include preparation of bidding documents and review of contractor submissions.
  1. All parties are at risk without a good contract. The American Institute of Architects (AIA)  Document A107, is a standard form of agreement between owner and contractor that’s excellent for to medium to large-scale projects and easily tailored for specific needs.
Planning Your Next Renovation

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