The Millennials

By: Shabbir Kazmi, AIA 

shutterstock_472346128-300x173 The Millennials

Millennials are defined as a generation of people whose age ranges from 18 to 34, that means born after 1981 or before 1999. This age group that has surpassed baby boomers in population are characteristically confident, self-expressive, multi-cultural, open to change and technically savvy. Millennials are not only aware of the latest market trends in design, they also expect their living environment to be up to the latest standards of design and construction. In conversation with recent Millennials buyers for condominiums, we discovered some of their priorities and expectations.

  1. Building preferably located from a walking distance to train station, grocery store, restaurants and school. There is a strong preference for centralized community living and vibrant neighborhood.
  2. Paper-less communication for all condominium announcements and meeting notes.
  3. Outdoor jogging/walking trail and a dog park should be located nearby, if not on the building premises.
  4. Automated control system for the condominium such as window shades, lighting and thermostat.
  5. A well-lit spacious lobby that welcomes not only the visitors, but also serves as a lounge area for the residents to meet and greet. Front desk should have also a package delivery service.
  6. Light fixtures should have motion detectors that could save their electrical bill and energy consumption.
  7. Bike repair station and bike lockers should be located near parking garage, along with electrical charge stations for hybrid cars.
The Millennials

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