Engineering and Technical Consultants, Inc.

ETC is an engineering consulting firm with locations in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. We provide engineering and consultation services to building owners and managers to help correct problems related to water intrusion, deterioration, age and construction or design defects. ETC is independent of any affiliations that could bias our observations or recommendations. We have no “hidden agendas.” It is our obligation to serve as your trusted professional advisor. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Since our inception in 1982, Engineering and Technical Consultants, Inc, better known as “ETC”, has earned an outstanding reputation as an engineering firm for integrity, knowledge and successful results. Our expertise in building envelope restoration, structural defects, architectural design and mechanical system efficiency is second to none.

Proudly serving Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, and surrounding areas. 

  • Professional Support

    I am very grateful to ETC for the professional support. Given the complexity and scale of the project their role was crucial to ensuring a final product that meets the community's goals and will last for decades. 

  • Years of Experience

    I can not sing ETC's praises enough for the great work they did as an expert witness for our property.  The judge hung on every word of testimony and gave a lot of credit to the opinions expressed.  It really made all the difference.

  • Highly Professional

    ETC is top-notch.  They were detailed and highly-professional. Very glad to have partnered with them to address my building problems.

  • Precise Analysis

    ETC was able to detail my building's problems and develop a strategy to fix it.  They were terrific to work with.

  • Identify Problems

    ETC worked closely with my team to address issues of substandard work done previously.