Mohammadia Mosque Design

Client: Mohammadia Center of Northern Virginia
Location: Woodbridge, VA
Year completed: Ongoing
Square feet: 13,000 sf

Background: Mohammadia Center of Northern Virginia is a non-profit, Muslim Faith Community, that acquired a property in Prince William County, Woodbridge, Virginia. The Community hopes / wants to create a new center for the congregation of approximately 1000 people. The Community requested that the new building represent a peaceful and tolerant identity of Muslims in Northern Virginia.

Design approach: Design of the new building was created after several consultation meetings with the Community members and their Construction Committee. Project includes lobbies, main congregation hall, youth room, multi-purpose hall, kitchen, classrooms and office. The front façade of the building is oriented towards “Qibla”, which is the direction all Muslims face when praying five times a day. Qibla is a fixed direction towards “Kaaba”, which is a center of Islam’s most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid Al-Haram, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Acknowledging the importance of prayer, we created a large size window towards the Qibla direction with Islamic geometric patterns, that allows daylight into the main hall. Main hall has twenty-five feet tall ceilings and twelve tall doors that can be opened during a large gathering to invite people for prayers. The Arabic calligraphy and Islamic geometric patterns (also known as arabesque) on the façade are continuous elements that evoke the history and traditions of the Islamic culture. The repetitive geometric pattern has plant and flower motif with different colors that symbolizes the unity of divine and nature.

Mohammadia Mosque

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Northern Virginia
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