Reading the Signs

Signs are everywhere.  Often we just need to spend the time to look for them. Buildings sometimes have these signs that tell us problems (or at least potential problems) exist. The blog-2-150x150 Reading the Signspictures in this particular blog posting show one example of a sign. The efflorescence or white staining, or as this picture shows – white stalactites, generally indicate that moisture has penetrated into the building component. 

By now, I am sure most building owners and managers know that water is BAD when it comes to building components. Water can lead to premature deterioration in concrete, masonry, wood, etc. components. The need to protect or manage this water is critical to the long term performance of a building.

blog-2-150x150 Reading the SignsThe second picture shows the underlying issues after the outer concrete had fallen – the concrete behind the stalactites was saturated and significantly deteriorated. The needed repair now involves the removal and replacement of the affected concrete.

Please pay attention to your signs or if you need assistance evaluating your signs, please give us a call!