Getting To Know The ETC Team #16

chris-upperman-300x237 Getting To Know The ETC Team #16Chris Upperman | Assistant Project Manager

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.

1.  I’ve never once been intoxicated.  I like to remember what happened the night before and I usually have some funny stories to share with others.

2.   Prior to starting with ETC, I worked as a finish carpenter. I have a well equipped woodworking shop and love making things.  I would probably be a furniture maker if I didn’t hate sanding and staining so much.

3.   When I was younger, I would eat insects to earn extra money. Did I say I was MUCH younger?

4.  I once placed 2nd in a beauty pageant.  If the other contestant hadn’t played it up for the judges by blowing kisses and holding stupid teddy bears,  I’m sure I would have won. (I was robbed!)

5.   I briefly played guitar in a rock band (Shoji) during high school. We came in 2nd place in the school talent show. Not bad except there were only two bands competing.

6.   One year I spent weekends helping an ex-girlfriend capture and tag wild field mice as part of her college thesis. I never got over her method of tagging the mice…don’t ask!

7.  I enjoy motorcycles and most think I’m a talented rider. However, the truth is I can’t ride a decent wheelie (yet) and I’ve dumped every dirt bike I’ve ridden.

8.  I don’t understand why anybody would want to go up in a hot air balloon. The concept of floating in a flammable object, operated by an open flame, several hundred feet above the ground, is just idiotic!

9.   I have two large aquariums and a goldfish pond. I even have a catfish (Striped Raphael) that has been with me since high school….he’s over 20 years old!

10.  Although not as proficient as I used to be, I love shooting, especially sporting clays.  When a prize is on the line, I rarely miss