5 Signs Your AC Compressor Is Malfunctioning

shutterstock_636059537-300x200 5 Signs Your AC Compressor Is MalfunctioningYour AC unit has many parts functioning together to enable the generation and distribution of cooled air. The most essential part is the compressor, which is responsible for pumping and circulating liquid refrigerant through the AC system, generating cooled air. By paying attention to these 5 signs, you can diagnose if your compressor is malfunctioning.

Moisture around outdoor unit

If moisture or puddle is found on any section around the outdoor unit, this could be a sign that the compressor is leaking refrigerant. A refrigerant leak can pose serious safety issue that can contaminate the airflow and cause occupants to experience headaches, coughing, irritated eyes, nausea and more. Eventually, the unit will fail as the refrigerant needed to generate cool air is depleted.

Unusual noise

Does your outdoor unit generate louder noise than usual? Do you hear any ticking or chattery noises when the unit is turned on? These symptoms could give a clear indication that the compressor motor has become loose and is rattling around inside the unit, or the electrical components are wearing out and need replacement.

Excessive vibration of outdoor unit

If your outdoor unit is shaking violently the moment it turns on, it is very likely that the compressor motor is malfunctioning and need a new replacement.

Circuit breaker tripping

Does your AC outdoor unit keep losing power and tripping the circuit breaker? This is a sign that your compressor is overloading by drawing too much power and thus becomes overheated. Therefore, a professional inspection should be performed to accurately remediate the problem.

Higher than normal temperature

Is warm air coming out of your vents while the AC is on? A failing compressor can struggle to pump refrigerant and keep it circulating throughout the system, causing inadequate cooling power.

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