A Use For Recycled Glass Bottles

glass-300x199 A Use For Recycled Glass BottlesDid you know that only about a third of the total glass waste is recycled in our country?

Recent studies have found a remarkable use for glass in the construction field. More specifically, study results have proven that glass can be used like cement in concrete mixtures. This new viability of waste glass powder creates a significant opportunity and advantages for the concrete industry. The use of recycled glass not only can benefit the concrete industry but also it can positively contribute to create a more sustainable environment.

To test this application, Michigan State University (MSU) exclusively used recycled glass in concrete for all flatwork and a curb construction on campus. The recycled concrete was monitored for two years, and the material exhibited strength gain over time. In addition, the recycled concrete showed lower drying shrinkage than normal concrete. However, recycled glass has a quite complicated chemistry that can cause undesired effects in the concrete mix, which could greatly affect its workability. To use recycled glass safely as an aggregate, it is often necessary to incorporate other materials that can mitigate the adverse chemical reaction that glass can produce with alkalis in the mixture.