Adding Parking Spaces

parking-lot-300x200 Adding Parking SpacesExpanding a parking lot by converting a landscaped area into parking space sounds easy, but in actuality the process can be quite complicated.¬† As coveted as parking places can be, green space is not something you can necessarily sacrifice without a care.¬† In many cases landscaped, wooded areas are protected by government ordinance or regulation.¬† It’s by no means impossible in every instance to get a variance & permit, but don’t expect an easy time of it.

Even if you manage¬†to avoid or get through the bureaucratic red tape, there’s a good chance that someone in the community will object to the loss of a tree or lawn.¬† It’s not unheard of for such objections to degenerate into lawsuits.

After you’ve cleared the legal hurdles, you can expect to pay construction cost of $2,000 – $4,000, per space (depending upon factors too complex & numerous to discuss here).¬† Engineering and permitting fees, feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, surface drainage calculations, etc. that may be needed before construction can begin could add considerably to the cost.