Crack Treatment Program

CRACK-COVER1-300x228 Crack Treatment Program

ETC offers a 30-45 minute presentation to  clients, property managers and/or building owners for identifying cracks in their buildings and foundations. Our presentation is called: “ Crack Intervention – You’re Not Alone”

It focuses on a four step program…

1.  Identifying a problem 

2. Understanding the severity of the problem

3. Going to rehab 

4. Maintaining a healthy structure 

 As you see from the titles, we try to keep it a little entertaining while giving useful information.  This educational presentation is given by our chief structural engineering counselor, Chris Carlson, P.E.   He will be happy to answer any/all question regarding building structures.    Contact for your FREE educational presentation.  (ETC provides engineering and consultation services to the Mid-Atlantic region.)  We are currently setting up seminars for early November.  Look forward to hearing from you!!