Getting To Know The ETC Team #13

jeff-225x300 Getting To Know The ETC Team #13Jeff Shuffleton | Operations Manager

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me…..

1.  I am a Star Wars Lego fanatic.

2.  I met Kate, My wife, on

3.  My son’s middle name is my father’s middle name (Dean).

4.  I was 12 before I realized my father’s middle name isn’t David.

5.  I hate to read books.

6.  I was defensive MVP for my football team in 6th grade.

7.  I can’t stand the taste of tea, coffee or beer.

8.  I learned everything I know about computers by trial and error (see #5).

9.  Healthy eating when Dad is in charge consists of donuts, mac and cheese and McDonalds.  My kids love me for it!

10.  I use to build plastic models as a kid and successively scotch taped an entire airplane together when I ran out or glue.