Getting To Know The ETC Team #5

Sandy Hyson | Administrative Assistant – MD

SANDY-300x253 Getting To Know The ETC Team #510 Things You Didn’t Know About Me….

1.  I like scary movies.

2.  I’ve never seen an entire Harry Potter or Twilight movie; but I have seen all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies!

3.   I have a couple hidden tattoos.

4.   I like liver and onions – I know really??!!

5.   I want a Harley Davidson…a Heritage Softtail Classic to be exact

6.   McDonald’s French fries are my weakness.

7.   I like to sleep late on Saturday’s with my dogs, Max & Toby.

8.   I want a Harley (you think if I said it 3 times, my wish might come true?)

9.   I took piano lessons when I was a kid – now I can’t play a note.

10.  I love Harley Davidsons, Starbucks coffee, Westies and my husband.  Not in that order, of course.