Getting To Know The ETC Team #7

kirk-300x225 Getting To Know The ETC Team #7Kirk Parsons | Vice President

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me….

1.   The main loves in my life are family, food, wine and golf.

2.  Other things I also enjoy  are music, art, talk radio and New York City.

3.  Music is in my family….I sang on a record when I was just eleven.  I think I have confiscated and destroyed all copies, except for my father’s copy.

4.   My IPOD has everything from classic (Bach) to Broadway (Les Miserables, In the Heights, etc.) to rap (mostly old school) to pop (Michael Jackson) to rock (Journey, ACDC, etc.). I even have some country tunes.

5.   My favorite movie is Braveheart – I love the stories (loyalty and love).

6.  I have a son that is 6’-7” and he thinks I dance funny.

7.   I grew up in West Virginia and the little I have watched of Buck Wild, I will say it is close but yet so far off.

8.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  Ah, family and food!! (see #1 above)

9.   I have very specific political beliefs, but I try and listen to all sides.  I think that is what is missing in our country these days.

10.  I am a social network fan!   I like twitter,  but don’t necessarily know how to use it like others do.