Is Your Deck At Risk?

deck-300x201 Is Your Deck At Risk?Leaks into buildings where wood decks connect to the wall are a common problem in the Mid-Atlantic region especially in coastal areas that are prone to heavy storms and high winds.  When deck flashing systems are improperly installed, or not installed at all, water penetration at ledger boards can cause wood rot and corrosion of metal connectors.  These issues typically result in mold growth and possibly even a deck collapse, creating a life safety risk.

So how do you know if your deck is at risk?  First, perform a visual inspection.  If you find that your ledger board is attached “on top of” your siding, or if you see that the ledger board is detaching from the wall, you should have your deck inspected by a professional.  You should see a piece of thin metal sticking out from between the decking boards and the ledger, as well as a piece of metal below the ledger and above the siding