Membership Has Its Privileges

What a pleasure running into one of our professional friends, Nick Cowie of Cowie and Motts, PA (Balitmore, MD). and his lovely wife Elizabeth.  It was very exciting to hear of his most recent accomplishment of passing  new legislation to further protect our condominium owners when it comes to warranty claims.  To find out further information on this topic please read the  following article: Warranty_Reform_Legislation_Comes_To_Maryland_(Beacon) 

DSC009072-300x264 Membership Has Its PrivilegesFor any of our clients who have communities which are experiencing construction defect issues, Nick will (without fee or obligation) review and analyze the community’s documents and meet with the board at the condominium to advise them of: (1) the statutory warranties that apply and when they expire; (2) the importance of a transition study; and (3) his recommendations for obtaining proper developer repairs.  I guess you can say….membership (with ETC) has its privileges!! 

Thanks Nick for all you do to better the condominium industry!