No More “Fox Watching The Hen House”

fox-300x217 No More "Fox Watching The Hen House"Maryland Mold Remediation Services Act Beginning in July 2013, the State of Maryland will enforce The Maryland Mold Remediation Services Act, which will require all contractors that perform mold remediation on private homes (includes the interior, non-common areas, of Condominium units) must be licensed to perform mold remediation service by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC). This is a different license than a typical contractors license. Additionally, each employee who provides mold remediation services must be properly certified as a microbial remediation technician or supervisor by an organization such as the Council for Accredited Certification. Finally, any contractor that provides mold remediation services may not provide mold consulting or develop the mold remediation plan and vice versa. This eliminates the classic “fox watching the hen house” situation when it comes to mold assessments and clean-up projects. We would like to thank Susan White of Sussex Environmental Health Consultants for making us aware of this new requirement.