One Nosy Client

daisy11-300x225 One Nosy ClientWell, as clients go…this one is particularly nosy (Pun Intended)! Daisy, of Court Yards at Green Tree, Baltimore, MD  helps keep a close watchful eye on Kirk as he does a pre-design inspection for a common paver area.  Unfortunately due to the heavy snow fall last year, this property daisy11-300x225 One Nosy Clientexperienced many displaced/heaved pavers caused by the plows and snow equipment.  You may want to require your snow removel contacter to use rubber shoes on all equipment.   This will  help keep the blades/metal edges from dragging along and damaging the surface.  Please see the previous posting for more information on this topic or call us and we’ll be happy to advise.

As for Daisy, I think Kirk impressed her with all his knowledge (or maybe it’s all the petting?).  After 2 licks and countless tail wags, I’m confident we have her stamp of approval!  We look forward to MORE visits from Daisy and her person, Amy Gur (Board Member).  Stop by and check out the progress anytime!!