Preparing Your Home For A Hurricane

hurricane-season-300x200 Preparing Your Home For A HurricaneAs Hurricane Dorian bears down on the Atlantic Coast, many are preparing for its arrival.  It seems like common sense to be sure that all exterior windows and doors to your house/building are closed.  In fact, studies have shown that open windows/doors increase the wind pressure acting on a building roof, beside letting in the rain to damage the building interior.  This led to the development of so-called Hurricane Windows.  These windows can resist the force of a flying 2×4 and other debris so that the wind and rain do not enter the house.

The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety just released a notice that their research has shown that you should close all the interior doors in your house as well.  This helps compartmentalize the wind pressure inside the house if an exterior window or door is breached during the storm and reduces the wind force on the roof by as much as 30%.  Check this link to learn more.