Prevent Expensive Replacement Projects!

drain-pipe-300x300 Prevent Expensive Replacement Projects!During a recent plaza repair project, we were reminded why cleaning storm drain pipes on a regular basis is a good idea. Solids, such as minerals that may leach from building materials (concrete or brick) or small fines and debris (particularly in planters), may be picked up by surface runoff and deposit into drains and corresponding drain lines. Over time, these deposits may congest the drain pipe, which leads to blockages and decreased drainage flow. Severe build ups may become hardened to the point where replacement of the pipe is the only option to restore proper drainage.

In order to prevent solid build-ups and pipe replacement, it is important that drain lines, particularly those serving roofs, terraces, plazas, and garages, be hydro-jet cleaned every few years. The hydro-jet cleaning process utilizes high pressure streams of water to remove the solid deposits from the pipe walls and returns the pipe to a free flowing condition. Cleaning drain lines as part of a regular preventative maintenance plan is an effective way to extend the service life of your drain lines and inspect pipe conditions, which may prevent large (expensive) replacement projects in the future