Protecting Parking Decks from Snow Removal

snow1-150x150 Protecting Parking Decks from Snow RemovalBefore we know it the winter will be here and so will the snow.  As you are negotiating your snow removal contracts for this season you should keep in mind the following guidelines compiled from leading deck coating manufacturers to protect your coating systems and avoid non-warrantable damage to coated parking decks:

1.  Excessively piled snow can significantly load the deck surface beyond its design load capacity resulting in structural cracks and/or more serious structural damage. Therefore avoid piling snow on elevated parking decks.

2.  The use of metal blades (on plows and shovels) shouldsnow1-150x150 Protecting Parking Decks from Snow Removal be avoided at all times to prevent physical damage to the coating system. Snow plow equipment blades must have shoes, rubber tips, or small skis to prevent tears in the deck coating system. The use of metal blades without protection is not recommended.  Most snow plow manufacturers offer rubber tipped blades and skis to prevent damage to deck coatings.

3.  Snow blowers (with rubber blades) and snow brooms are recommended, as opposed to heavy snow removal equipment.

4.  Snow removal equipment must have rubber tires.

5.  Ice buildup should be controlled and/or removed with deicing materials.