Scientists Claim…Self-healing Coatings!

scientist-300x200 Scientists Claim...Self-healing Coatings!If scientists from South Korea have created a product that works as well as its advertisement says it does (and not many do), a new self-healing concrete coating may be on the market soon.  They claim that it can automatically seal cracks and  prevent water from entering concrete pavement. The new, high-tech coating is intended for roadway use and claims to be inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

The secret of this new self-healing concrete protective coating is that it contains microcapsules that are filled with a material that can seal cracks. So when a crack occurs, the microcapsules are ruptured, and the integral sealant is released. When sunlight hits the material it becomes solidified, and thereby completes the sealing process. The new material promises to reduce the need to frequently repave roads, however, it is not clear what might happen on shady streets.

The scientists claim to have created the first self-healing protective coating for concrete, as well as the first to use capsule-type, photo-induced, materials that are catalyst-free, environment-friendly, and inexpensive,  We will keep you abreast of any future developments