Setting the Mood With Color

Color affects our perceptions of our surroundings, particularly indoor environments. As paint-300x200 Setting the Mood With Colordesigners, we can use color to set the mood for a particular space.

For example, the use of warm colors like red, yellow, and orange can bring about feelings of excitement, motion, and imagination. This is particularly beneficial in spaces for children, entertainment, and retail sales.

Warm neutral colors like beige and brown evoke feelings of comfort and security. This is useful in commercial office or residential settings.

Cool colors like green and blue are calming, soothing, and inspirational. They promote feelings of freshness and growth and are suitable in medical and religious facilities, classrooms,  etc.

Cool neutral colors like grey, charcoal, or stone are sophisticated and subdued. These colors lend themselves to commercial and industrial spaces.

Color is just as important as form in architecture, as it sets the mood.