Shea What?

I’m not sure who is more fortunate, McShea Management or Mrs. Connie Patterson-Norris?  I guess we’ll call it a tie and congratulate them both!

connie2-300x225 Shea What?We were so pleased to hear Mrs. Patterson-Norris joined the team of McShea Management.  We have had the pleasure of working with Connie from almost the inception of ETC.  Our professional relationship has spanned companies such as  Holladay Corporation, Pollinger Shannon and Luchs and now McShea Management.  We wish her much success in her new position as Chief Operating Officer.

From what I can gather from this photo, maybe Connie has expanded her portfolio to Hawaii.  If that’s the case, I sure hope there’s a building in need of our services.  Aloha McShea Managment!