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ETC Internship – Come Be a Part of the Team!

At ETC, we strive to have our interns become a functional member of our staff by the end of their time with us. At ETC, you will have an experience similar to our entry-level, staff engineers. Our interns spend about half of their time in the field and the other half in the office. We like to provide an immersive program, so you can get a true feel for the type of services we offer and experiences we share.

During a regular week at our firm, you could expect any of the following experiences.

  • Assist with an investigation. Whether we’re identifying deteriorated concrete in a parking garage or on balconies, understanding the construction of a retaining wall, or looking for water intrusion through a building wall, you can expect to spend time in the field learning the different processes needed to evaluate and identify building-related issues and their possible causes. At the completion of the on-site investigation, a formal report will be written which summarizes our investigation findings and offers recommendations on next steps to remediate the problem or study it further.
  • Prepare a design package. In order to repair a building defect or issue, a design package must be generated to identify the scope of work. This package includes drawings and details (which are generated in AutoCAD) and specifications. You can also expect to research certain products and/or repair methodologies, run calculations, or perform supplemental testing to develop the needed design and work scope information.
  • Make a site visit to see actual construction/repair work in progress. As repair work is underway, we perform periodic inspections to ensure the work is proceeding as scheduled. During the visit, you may see concrete repair, wood-framing repairs/replacement, masonry repairs, retaining wall construction, helical pier installation, waterproofing application, flashing repairs, etc. Following the site visit, a brief field report will be written which documents our findings during our site visit.
  • Attend a meeting. Whether it’s for a project that is being competitively bid (pre-bid meeting), a project that is about to start (pre-construction meeting), or a project that is in the works (progress meeting), you can expect to attend meetings and interact with clients and contractors where decisions are being made in real time. Following the meeting, minutes are prepared which summarize the discussions.
  • Help with a proposal visit. Before we officially take on a project, we must perform a preliminary site visit to better understand the building/issue and the needs of our client. During this visit, we interact with the building owner and staff and perform a cursory review of their concerns. Following the visit, a proposal document is generated that identifies our anticipated scope of services, fee, and proposed schedule.


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