The Importance of Welder Certification

We have come across some really poor quality welds recently, which were performed by companies claiming to use qualified welders.  We do not know if the welders just welding-300x243 The Importance of Welder Certificationhad a bad day or they were not certified for the welds being performed.  This highlights the need to use American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welders with currently active credentials.  To become certified, the welder must pass a welding test for all of the welds he intends to perform.  Just because a welder passes a test to weld plates together does not mean he can weld pipes.  So you need to look at their certifications closely.  Additionally, AWS requires that every six months the “welder” submit proof that they are still actively engaged in welding.  AWS issues a certification card and your weld should be able to provide an AWS form that shows all the welds that he is qualified to make.  For more information visit the AWS website