Updates to the Magical Building Codes

New Adhesive Anchor Certifications

blue-book-300x300 Updates to the Magical Building CodesWith the upcoming International Building Code (IBC) update, individuals and companies should take note of the new requirements, which will become adopted by the local jurisdictions in 2012. One of the significant changes will require that only a certified individual may install adhesive anchors in concrete structural elements where continuous tension is applied, such as for pipe hanging systems, hanging signs, ceiling supported mechanical equipment, and awnings.  For these applications, an inspector specifically approved by the building official must also continuously inspect the installation of the anchors. The contractor’s personnel must be certified under the new ACI/CRSI Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification program. The requirement was prompted by a 2006 “Big Dig” incident, in which two people in a car were killed when a heavy panel fell from the tunnel ceiling.