What is Shotcrete?

shotcrete-300x201 What is Shotcrete?You’ve probably seen it before in your lifetime, but you may not have known it. Shotcrete is a construction technique that involves spraying concrete through a hose at very high speeds. It is a process rather than a specific material.

Shotcrete is reinforced by steel rods, steel mesh, or fibers. Due to the force with which the concrete leaves the nozzle, the material gets placed and compacted simultaneously. Some properties of hardened shotcrete are high strength, low permeability, and high durability. Because of the manner in which shotcrete is applied (high velocity), it bonds better to most substrates regardless of area or shape.

Shotcrete can be sprayed onto straight, curved, and irregular surfaces and can be applied on vertical and overhead areas too. Some structures where shotcrete is typically applied to for repair and restoration are bridges, parking garages, dams, sewers, and more. In new construction, shotcrete can be used for swimming pools, foundations, and domes