What’s Shakin’?

The 5.8 magnitude earthquake that hit our area on August 23 was a significant, but fortunately not a devastating geological event. The expected damage to buildings should be minimal, if any, except where buildings have been poorly maintained or have some sort of construction deficiency.buildings-quake-300x188 What’s Shakin’?  Buildings should be closely checked for signs of movement, such as cracking, that may require repair or further analysis. If any exterior problems are observed, check inside the building to see if is the interior finishes have been affected.

 Also check building utilities, especially gas lines. Earthquakes can break the conduits and pipes, causing gas, water, or sewer leaks as well as power outages.  Report any concerns to the appropriate utility as soon as possible.

 This was not the first seismic event of this magnitude for the East Coast, and it won’t be the last. Unlike those who live on the West Coast, we are not attuned to this type of geologic activity.  We all stand in awe at the power of nature and vulnerability to it.