Wood Construction Trends

lobby-200x300 Wood Construction TrendsWood construction is no longer constrained to low rise buildings and single-family homes. New uses are emerging resulting from an expanded interest in wood with new trends impacting construction. Tall wood construction has resulted in multiple high-rise wood buildings around the world from the 14 story Treet Building in Norway to the 18 story Brock Commons in Canada. 

The interest in wood construction has led to office buildings, apartments, and commercial spaces being constructed out of wood. To support these structures, engineers have utilized advances in engineered lumber such as using glulam (glue-laminated timber), nail laminated timber, cross laminated timber, and other forms of engineered lumber. Engineered lumber is a strong wood based composite material that is often combined with special adhesives or other methods of fixation that can be used in columns, beams, and many other applications. 

Renewed interest in mass timber has also risen because of the desire to construct tall wood framed buildings. It seems everything old is new again when you consider that the Old Faithful Inn was constructed in 1904 and is the largest log hotel in the world. The advances in wood engineering and higher levels of interest have resulted in investigations into potential changes to the building code that would allow taller wood construction. These trends indicate that the future of wood as a building material for both existing and new construction is exciting and filled with possibilities.