Important Tips When Visiting a Construction Site

  1. shutterstock_392700055-300x300 Important Tips When Visiting a Construction Site Most importantly is your safety. Be sure to wear appropriate protection such as a hard hat, construction boots, yellow safety vest and safety glasses.
  2. Make an appointment with the contractor/management and be familiar with the overall layout, prior to your visit. Upon arrival check in with the construction site supervisor.
  3. Take photographs of the construction site and make field notes of your observations. Don’t forget to document date, time, project name and whom you met.
  4. Take along a 25-foot tape measure for field dimensions and a flash light for enclosed rooms that may not have electricity.
  5. The general contractor has authority and responsibility for the job site, therefore don’t direct workers, get in a debate or offer advice. It is best to state the purpose of your visit, make observations and be courteous